At The Podium

Strengthening Credit and Collection Policies and Practices

Date: December 4, 2014

Event: 2014 Corporate Counsel Seminar

Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Ross Plourde
Drew D. Webb

During their presentation titled “Strengthening Credit and Collection Policies and Practices” at McAfee & Taft’s 2014 Corporate Counsel Seminar in Oklahoma City, OK, lawyers Ross Plourde and Drew Webb offer practical advice and strategies for helping businesses reduce their credit risks. Topics covered include:

  • Risks of customer non-payment due to bankruptcy or company collapse, foreclosure, or simple failure to make good on accounts payable
  • Elements of a preference lawsuit
  • Available defenses in a preference action
  • Tips for structuring comprehensive credit applications and agreements
  • Credit enhancement strategies
  • How to respond to customer danger signals with tactical defensive measures
  • The reclamation process