Summer Associates Program

The foundation of McAfee & Taft's success has been the recruitment of individuals who have excelled in all facets of their personal, academic and professional endeavors. The firm has typically focused on fulfilling hiring needs through our summer associate program, although lateral hires are made on a need and case-by-case basis.

The recruiting process is more than just a means to obtain associates; it is the way we hire our future shareholders with whom we hope to practice law for many years to come. Hiring decisions are viewed at McAfee & Taft as prospective "lifetime" decisions because we hire lawyers with the goal that each will someday become a shareholder.

The firm hires a number of first and second-year law students each summer. The focus of our program is to allow summer associates to obtain a true picture of the firm's practice and culture and also what they can expect to experience during the first few years as an associate at McAfee & Taft.

One of the chief complaints listed by summer associates from other law firms describing today's high associate attrition rates is that they did not believe they obtained a full understanding of their law firm during the recruitment process because the summer program did not present an accurate portrayal of their firm. We fully understand how important it is for law students to thoughtfully consider all their options, and we believe career decisions of this magnitude should be made on an informed basis. The program at McAfee & Taft is structured to provide summer associates with the information they need.

Summer associates are paired with a shareholder and an associate who provide guidance and advice to the summer associate during their stay at the firm. Summer associates do not typically obtain work assignments from their advisors; rather, work assignments are made by other lawyers in the firm. For the many law students who are unsure what area of law they are interested in, they are encouraged to work with as many different lawyers, in as many different practice groups, as possible. For those who may already have a specific area of interest, they are given assignments in those areas, but are also encouraged to gain experience and knowledge in other areas.

Summer associates are not limited to "library time.” Summer associates accompany lawyers to observe trials, depositions, hearings, closings, client meetings and the like. It is not unusual for our summer associates to have direct client contact. These practical experiences allow summer associates to see what really occurs in the life of the firm.

It is important for summer associates to meet and spend time with our lawyers and their families outside of the work environment. To that end, we schedule several social functions and numerous impromptu events each summer. In addition, we host a firm-wide lunch for lawyers and summer associates every month as a way to give them additional opportunities to get to know us, and vice versa.


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Josh Smith
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