Survey says: Columnist is right for her job

Nathan Whatley quoted in article on employment testing

published in The Oklahoman | April 16, 2014

Nathan Whatley, a labor and employment attorney with McAfee & Taft, was interviewed by The Oklahoman writer Paula Burkes on the use of behavioral, or personality, tests during the hiring process. According to the article, many proponents of personality testing say the online assessments yield valuable information about the job applicant in a very short amount of time, which can prevent bad hires.

Regardless of what processes or applicant testing methods are used, Whatley said employers must make sure they are a true measure of skill and characteristics related to the job and do not discriminate against any protected groups. “Ask yourself if you’ve hired any women or minorities since you started using the test,” he said. “And have the people you’ve hired since you started testing stayed with you and are more productive?”

Whatley also cautioned employers about keeping test results confidential and avoiding any questions about personal issues.