Consistent with our “clients first” approach to service, McAfee & Taft has a track record of substantially investing in the types and forms of technology that ultimately provide the greatest value to our clients. From desktops and servers to RIM Blackberries and wireless PDAs, the firm uses its vast technological resources and in-house expertise to improve attorney and staff efficiency and productivity and to facilitate greater connectivity, collaboration and communications with clients of all sizes. And even in the event of a major email outage, our clients can be assured we’ll stay connected with them, thanks to Emergency Mail System technology that guarantees email continuity at all times.

Staying current with the latest developments in both the technology and legal industries is vital to our success. Our Technology Committee meets monthly to review technological trends among the nation’s top law firms, evaluate current systems for software and hardware upgrades, and review and establish best practices for the use of new and existing technology. The committee also regularly monitors the systems and applications being used by its clients as a way to ensure a smooth, collaborative work environment between both parties.

In addition, our IT management is actively involved in the International Legal Technology Association (formerly known as LawNet), the premier peer networking organization for technology professionals in the legal market.

Over the years, investments in technology have been responsible for our greatly improved ability to respond to individual client requests for specific information in a timely and efficient manner. McAfee & Taft not only provides secure extranet capabilities for clients of all sizes, but also cooperates in using client-provided extranets to facilitate in information and file sharing. These valuable resources allow clients – and general counsels, in particular – to monitor the flow of work and the content and quality of the firm’s services at any time.

Advanced knowledge management tools, web conferencing and online document collaboration technology, and complimentary e-billing services also contribute to the overall efficiency and value we provide each and every client.