Thank You, Susan!

After being sworn in as president of the Oklahoma Bar Association in January 2020, McAfee & Taft shareholder Susan Shields announced that her primary mission as president would be to advance and focus on the issue of attorney wellness. That mission, further punctuated by the coronavirus pandemic that affected so many, was reinforced by her selection of “Bouncing Back” as the theme of this year’s OBA Annual Meeting.

In a year that was anything but normal, Susan’s leadership was calm, cool, collected, and constant.

There aren’t enough words to tell Susan Shields how proud we are of her exemplary service as president of the Oklahoma Bar Association this year, but in this video tribute, we try. Congratulations and thank you, Susan! You have made us immensely proud in so many ways.


Michael Lauderdale:  Susan, congratulations on your exemplary service as president of the Oklahoma Bar Association past year.  No one could have predicted that 2020 would turn out the way it did, but as with everything you do, you handled everything with style and grace. You personify what it means to be resilient, to stay focused on the priorities at hand, and to be calm, cool and collected, even when things around you are not. So it comes as no surprise to all of us here at McAfee & Taft that the qualities that make you a great lawyer have also made you a great OBA leader. We are very proud to have you as our partner.

Roberta Fields:  Susan, thank you for genuinely caring about people. I see that in our work together on the associate committee here at McAfee Taft. You carefully consider every decision that affects other people, and you listen and make the effort to consider other viewpoints. I was not surprised that attorney wellness was your number one goal for this year as OBA president. I see you care about that every year with our associates.  It turned out to be particularly important this year. I love the theme for this year’s meeting. Susan, let’s all bounce back together.

Drew Neville:  Susan, the Oklahoma Bar Association was so fortunate to have you serve as its president this year. When I think of Susan Shields as a person, I see dignity and grace and a beauty of the soul. And when I think of Susan Shields as a lawyer, I see a deep concern for the client, genuine honesty, integrity, and professionalism and ethics. We are so proud of you. Thank you, Susan.

Allison Harvey:  Susan, I can’t thank you enough for being such a wonderful teacher, mentor, and role model. You never hesitate to share a smile, your time, or your expertise with others, and I know you genuinely want everyone to succeed, both personally and professionally.  For me, that is an invaluable and generous gift. Above all, you have demonstrated, time and time again – through your work here at the firm and through the OBA – the importance of investing in the next generation of lawyers and advocating for a healthy work/life balance for everyone.  So on behalf of all of us, I say “thank you.”

Cooper Davis: Thank you, Susan.

Richard Craig:  Susan,  as a dear friend and partner of ours was fond of saying, “you can pretend to care, but you can’t pretend to be there.” Susan, you have been there for our clients, you have been there for our lawyers, you have been there for our firm, and you have been there for our profession. You have the ability to elevate the level of play, making us all the better for it. And for that, we thank you.


November 13, 2020