At The Podium

The Cape Town Convention After Seven Years: A Practitioner’s Guide

2013 Business Aircraft Finance, Registration and Legal Conference

The 2013 Business Aircraft Finance, Registration and Legal Conference, presented by the National Business Aviation Association, gathers aviation industry professionals for an interactive, thought-provoking event discussing some the hottest topics in the industry, including:

  • Finding the right aircraft and right-sizing the fleet
  • Buying and selling aircraft: letters of intent and purchase agreements
  • Managing and operating aircraft: management agreements, leases, charter, etc.
  • Recent business aviation litigation 
  • Trends, products and opportunities in the leasing/financing market
  • Syndications
  • Use, insurance, maintenance and return conditions in leases and security agreements 
  • The ELFA study regarding the business aviation market: a point-counterpoint discussion
  • European Union aviation issues, including solutions for VAT and EU-ETS (emissions)
  • Aircraft registrations in the Isle of Man and other registration options in the EU
  • Closing an aircraft transaction at the FAA – reducing risks
  • The Cape Town Convention after seven years: best practices and gray areas

In addition to serving as event co-chair, McAfee & Taft aviation attorney Frank Polk is also a featured presenter in the final session of the conference titled "The Cape Town Convention After Seven Years: A Practitioner’s Guide," discussing topics including:

  • Why it matters (the new ratification count at 50 and what that means)
  • Register early and often: why you must register a sale, lease or financing with the International Registry
  • The Revised Official Commentary and coming soon: the revised Revised Official Commentary
  • What’s worked well, the gray areas and best practices
February 8, 2013
Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort & Spa
Bonita Springs, Florida