The McAfee & Taft Difference

What makes McAfee & Taft unique from other law firms?

Real estate lawyer Joe Lewallen:“One of the things that really sells McAfee as a firm is just the breadth of knowledge and experience here. It’s just completely unmatched in Oklahoma for sure, and, I think, really in the region. The notion that we have so many experienced practitioners in so many areas in the business world, and such a deep bench of young bright talent, that’s been, the best part for me is not only being able to tap into more experienced kind of patriarch folks inside the area of law that I practice who are here and who have been here for a long time, but also to work with these really bright, great young people that are just, they’re eager to work, they’re eager to learn, they’re creative. It’s a great experience.”

Trial lawyer Mary Quinn Cooper: “I had my own litigation boutique firm. We all did trial work. We all had the same types of practice. When we came to McAfee we were exposed to the best lawyers in Oklahoma and in the nation in so many different areas. That allowed me to broaden my practice, to broaden my horizons, and to learn more. So that was really something that was exciting for me. So, sure, I could have stayed with my boutique practice, practiced with my partners who we all did the same thing, but really, coming to McAfee has opened so many different doors for me, and made me a better lawyer.”

Trial lawyer Sam Merchant: “For me, I wanted to make sure that I was at a place where I knew that the clients that I was working for would get the best service possible. So what that meant for me was if I had an issue that I perhaps wasn’t familiar with, I could go into someone’s office who had done that for the last 20 years. And at this firm that’s possible in virtually every area of the law. So one, for me, I knew as a younger attorney that would be a safety net to make sure I get the right answers to different problems, and ultimately be able to provide the best service to the clients.”

Chief Operating Officer Matt Bown: “I was at the Dean McGee Eye Institute. We were a client of McAfee Taft for the entire time I was there, which was 19 years, and worked with a broad section of the firm from transaction lawyers on various mergers and acquisitions that we did, labor and employment attorneys on any labor and employment issues that we had, benefits attorneys on our benefits. So the pervasive comment I would have would be that the firm had depth and had the ability to address my issues as a client on a rapid and very effective way. So when I had a problem that came up that needed attorney help, when I picked up the phone I knew I would get a good answer, and I knew it would happen quickly. You don’t stick with a law firm for 20 years for no reason. So obviously they were able to solve our problems and help us work through legal issues accordingly.”

Business transactions and energy lawyer Tracy Poole: “In a past life when I used to hire lawyers and was on the other side of the table, what I mostly looked for in a commercial law firm was expertise in the given areas that I needed, but then the ability to execute. You can have a lot of great lawyers and a lot of great staff, but if you can’t get yourself together to execute and execute quickly and efficiently, it really doesn’t mean much. So in my view, the key differentiator for McAfee & Taft in this part of the country and, really, across the country, because we do compete with a lot of large firms across the country, is that one, we’re very efficient not only in the way we use our attorneys and staff, but our pricing model is very efficient in comparison. But two, we have the same expertise that anybody in the country can bring to the table. So it allows the client to take a look at that and understand that and say okay now how do I best spend my legal dollar.”

Business transactions and real estate lawyer Danae Grace: “I have a little drawer in my office where I have newspaper clippings of the transactions I’ve worked on. One of my favorite things is to go back and look at those and say wow, this is really cool. This was in this paper, or that paper, or I’ll send it to my parents and say remember how busy I was? This was the deal that I was working on. Here’s the article. I can finally tell you about it. So it’s been really neat to have those types of transactions where you can even point at buildings downtown. I worked on that building. It was nothing 10 years ago, and now it’s bustling with activity and tenants and it’s really cool to walk by that and think that’s something that I worked on even as a really young associate.”

Employee benefits lawyer and past managing director Richard Nix: “I think the reason clients choose us and after they’ve chosen us elect to stay with us is because we become their partner. We understand what they’re trying to accomplish. We take as much pride in seeing the successes of our client in the newspaper or on social media as they do. We know that we’re behind the scenes helping them accomplish those goals. And at some point in time once you develop that relationship they bring you inside the inner circle so that they want you around the table when they’re making the hard decisions. And quite frankly, that’s where we want to be.”

Since our founding in 1952, McAfee & Taft has steadily grown to become one of the nation’s 250 largest law firms as ranked by the National Law Journal. And while our practice now has a national reach and beyond, our commitment to Oklahoma and the region remains firmly grounded.

For more than 65 years, clients have counted on McAfee & Taft’s deep bench of talent and multi-disciplinary approach to problem-solving in creating comprehensive legal solutions.