Time To Evaluate

New county bar president wants group to examine services, reach out to young attorneys

published in The Journal Record | September 21, 2006

Reid Robison , a shareholder with McAfee & Taft, succeeded District Judge Vicki Robertson as the president of the Oklahoma County Bar Association on September 1, 2006.

In a cover page article in The Journal Record, Robison said his two main goals as president are to reach out to younger lawyers and to evaluate the services the county bar provides to its members.  A task force has been appointed to look into both goals and to make specific recommendations.

Improving communications and encouraging the active participation of an increasing number of younger lawyers is especially important to Robison.   “I’m looking for ways that we can, in one-on-one contacts, have more experienced members of the bar contact younger lawyers by phone or in person and invite them to join a committee or participate in a particular activity of the county bar,” he said.  “That’s how it gets started.  That’s what got me started a long time ago.”
Robison has been a member of the Oklahoma County Bar Association since 1968.