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To ERISA or Not to ERISA

Oklahoma Injury Benefit Coalition Seminar — Oklahoma’s Changing Workers’ Compensation System: Don’t Be Left Behind
James Dudley Hyde James Dudley Hyde
Mark D. Spencer Mark D. Spencer

Formed in 2011 by some of Oklahoma’s top employers, the Oklahoma Injury Benefit Coalition worked tirelessly for legislation to improve the state’s workers’ compensation system and many, including legislative leaders, credit the coalition for having played a pivotal role in building support for the game-changing reforms adopted in 2013. Today, the OIBC continues its work to support the implementation and preservation of the reforms while offering businesses access to resources that will assist them transition to the new system.

Featured speakers at the OIBC’s 2013 educational seminar, “Oklahoma’s Changing Workers’ Compensation System: Don’t Be Left Behind” include McAfee & Taft employee benefit attorneys Dudley Hyde and Mark Spencer. Their topic, “To ERISA or Not to ERISA,” focuses on the development and implementation of employer-sponsored benefit plans to cover workers’ compensation claims under the new Oklahoma Employee Injury Benefit Act.

Hosted by the OIBC, this one-day event features additional presentations from legislators, rule makers, and members of the medical community.

November 5, 2013
Oklahoma History Center
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma