Under control: Managing FMLA leave

For many HR and benefits professionals, the Family and Medical Leave Act remains one of the most complex, confusing and time-consuming programs to administer, monitor, and effectively track. Employers not only have an extensive checklist of do’s and don’ts to follow — including how to handle employees’ sensitive personal and medical information — but they also have to rely on employees to adequately communicate and cooperate with them throughout the process.

During this complimentary 75-minute webinar, McAfee & Taft labor and employment attorneys Paige Good and Charlie Plumb go beyond the basics to address some of the most common, yet challenging, FMLA compliance issues facing employers. Topics include:

  • Requesting and obtaining medical information throughout the leave process
  • Designating FMLA leave and substitution of paid leave
  • Handling intermittent and reduced schedule leave
  • Whether to continue offering health insurance and other benefits to employees on FMLA leave
  • Steps for returning employees to work … and when it may be appropriate to terminate an employee on extended leave
  • Identifying and addressing potential FMLA abuse