Unlocking Opportunity: The Scholarship Difference

published in Sooner Lawyer | Spring/Summer 2013

McAfee & Taft trial lawyer Jodi Dishman was one of three University of Oklahoma College of Law alums interviewed for a cover story titled “Unlocking Opportunity: The Scholarship Difference” for the Spring/Summer 2013 edition of Sooner Lawyer, a publication of the OU College of Law.

Dishman was awarded the College’s most prestigious scholarship, the William T. Comfort and James T. Comfort Scholarship, in 2003 as one of the top 10 students in her second-year class. She excelled academically throughout law school and was awarded four additional scholarships as well as the Joel Jankowsky Outstanding Graduate Award, which recognizes a graduating student’s overall leadership, scholarship and service to others. Receiving these scholarships, she said, allowed her to focus on her studies instead of worrying how she would pay for her education.

“It was also very freeing because it gave me the opportunity to pursue two federal clerkships, an experience that shaped me professionally and personally. I got to see firsthand how judges think and resolve cases and how they view lawyers’ relationships with each other and the court,” she said. “If I had been saddled with huge amounts of debt following college and law school, I might not have pursued those opportunities.”

Dishman said the scholarships she received have also motivated her to continue working hard to make sure future generations have the same opportunities she did. “Because of others’ generosity, I feel compelled to make sure I ‘pay it forward’ and do for others what had been done for me,” said Dishman.