UPGRADE.07 Event for the Entertainment Industry

PL Studios, Inc., in partnership with McAfee & Taft, is hosting UPGRADE.07, Oklahoma’s first annual computer graphics, animation and gaming forum exploring what it takes to develop, cultivate and maintain an animation, gaming and digital filming industry in Oklahoma.  Attorney Brad Klepper will moderate the event.

UPGRADE.07 is open to both students and professionals and will boast the industry’s top professionals in video games, 3D animiation, visual effects, advertising and feature films.  Attendance is free and open to the public; however, seating will be limited.

Guest presentations include:

Video Games, Feature Films, and Beyond: The Art of Softimage XSI
by Mark Schoennagel and Jennifer Goldfinch, Softimage

Avalanches and Explosions: Visual Effects Magic with Houdini
by Peter Robbinson, Side Effects Software

Technology that Moves You: Motion Capture in Film and Games
by Scott Gagain, House of Moves

Creative Practices with Creative Tools: A Behind the Scenes Look
by Greg Punchatz, Janimation

Creating Tomorrow’s Artist Today: Training and Education in CG
by Piyush Patel, Digital-Tutors

Hollywood’s Secret Recipe: Pixar’s RenderMan Technology
by Dylan Sisson, Pixar Animation Studios

For more information, please visit www.plstudios.com.  Developers of Digital-Tutors, PL Studios is an innovator and leader in video-based training for emerging digital artists.  The award-winning educational solutions developed by the team of educators and industry professionals at PL Studios are currently being used by students, professionals, universities, and production companies from across the globe.  Digital-Tutors maintains strategic relationships and partnerships with Autodesk, Softimage, Pixar, Next Limit, Skymatter, Pixologic and Adobe in the development of the software and education materials.