At The Podium

Walking the Tightrope of Employee Background Screening: How to Hire the Right Employees Without Going Too Far

OKC Metro Employer Council

This presentation will cover a variety of employee background screening issues including:

  • Liability that employers face if they fail to properly screen employees
  • Importance of application questions and reference checks in the screening process
  • How and when to use criminal background checks in the face of increasing scrutiny from the EEOC and state and local governments
  • Notices and disclosures required for using credit reports and investigative consumer reports

Mr. Whatley will also discuss the recent legal backlash against the use of credit reports as an employee screening tool, considerations for when credit reports should be used, the pros and cons of using social media sites in your employee screening system, and new laws governing employee drug testing.


June 21, 2011, 08:30 - 10:00
Oklahoma History Center
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma