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Landowners Under Threat of Condemnation

McAfee & Taft Webinar Series


Joseph H. Bocock
Joseph H. Bocock
Jeff L. Todd
Jeff L. Todd

The taking of private property by a governmental entity, pipeline or public utility for public use – commonly referred to as eminent domain or condemnation – is a unique legal proceeding that often pits the power and prowess of state and federal agencies, public authorities, cities, and utilities against landowners in a battle that often seems difficult to win.

And while some threats of condemnation can be challenged on the basis of valid public use or necessity, the vast majority of condemnation cases focus on the issue of just compensation due the landowner. When faced with the threat of condemnation, knowledge is power.

In this presentation, McAfee & Taft trial lawyers Joe Bocock and Jeff Todd discuss the four major stages of condemnation and share the key concepts landowners need to understand in order to successfully navigate the choppy waters of eminent domain.

This webinar is now available for complimentary on-demand viewing at LandownLINC.com.

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May 1, 2017