Medical Marijuana: Maintaining a safe workplace

More than a year after Oklahoma voters approved a ballot initiative legalizing medical marijuana, new rules and regulations issued under the recently signed Oklahoma Medical Marijuana and Patient Protection Act are set to go into effect later this summer, impacting employers and employees alike.  Previously known as the “Unity Bill,” the law resolves some uncertainty that remained after the passage of the original law and also provides employers with more tools to manage medical marijuana and maintain control over their workplaces.

In this complimentary one-hour webinar, McAfee & Taft labor and employment attorneys Charlie Plumb, Paul Ross and Kirk Turner update employers on their rights and responsibilities under the Act,  address what steps employers must take to take advantage of the new “safety-sensitive position” exemption, and provide practical advice for maintaining both legal compliance and a safe workplace.

Topics include:

  • The rights of employees who hold medical marijuana licenses and applicable employment protections
  • Whether employers must accommodate medical marijuana usage in the workplace
  • How Oklahoma’s medical marijuana law affects employers that have federally regulated employees or that are government contractors
  • Medical marijuana and employees who hold safety-sensitive positions
  • Recommended changes to current policies and substance testing processes
  • Educating your workforce about the new law
  • Training supervisors so they understand the new law and can assist with managing medical marijuana issues in the workplace

This webinar is now available for on-demand viewing. Register below to receive immediate access. NOTE: Pre-registration (by May 14, 2019) was required to qualify for HRCI or SHRM credit and credit is only available for 30 days after webinar’s release.