Unions, Union Avoidance, and the Labor Board: What’s in store for employers

If you think the decisions and actions taken by the National Labor Relations Board apply only to unionized workplaces, think again. In fact, the NLRB exercises significant authority over non-union employers in a number of ways — not only enacting changes designed to make it easier for employees to organize, but also regulating employers’ policies and practices.

During this complimentary one-hour webinar, labor and employment attorney Charlie Plumb is joined by Phil Wilson, the president and general counsel of Labor Relations Institute, the nation’s leading full-service labor and positive employee relations consulting firm. An expert in the field of labor and employee relations, Phil is the author of numerous books and articles on labor relations and is regularly featured in business media, including Bloomberg News, HR Magazine, Fox Business News, and the New York Times.

In addition to reviewing both local and national trends for unionizing, Charlie and Phil will assist employers in understanding the current NLRB landscape. Topics include:

  • Applicability of labor laws and the NLRB to non-union employers, including initiatives pertaining to handbooks and policies, employee monitoring, free speech, and severance, non-compete and confidentiality agreements.
  • Current and proposed changes, both big and small, aimed at making union organizing easier
  • The importance of being proactive — and being “Left of Boom” — when it comes to union avoidance
  • The common denominator for successful union campaigns … and what employers can do to reduce their vulnerability

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