When leave laws collide: Tackling complex health plan coverage issues

Leave issues present some of the most challenging issues for employers. Just when you think you’ve got a grip on how the FMLA, ADA and state workers’ comp laws intersect from an employment law standpoint, complex health plan coverage issues come in to play to throw you another curve ball. And if you strike out on these issues, the penalties could be very costly.

During this one-hour webinar, McAfee & Taft employee benefits lawyers Bill Freudenrich and Brandon Long discuss the myriad of health plan coverage issues — including COBRA — triggered by a reduction in hours worked when an employee goes on leave. They also provide practical advice for drafting a legally compliant leave policy.

Topics include:

  • Coordination of COBRA with FMLA leave, Oklahoma workers’ comp leave, military leave, and non-FMLA leave
  • Does ERISA preempt Oklahoma workers’ compensation statutes?
  • Why failure to properly terminate coverage and provide the correct COBRA elections may result in the employer having to cover medical costs from its general assets
  • What happens when a participant fails to pay his/her share of premiums during FMLA leave
  • How to correct COBRA issues for failure to comply with timely notice and termination of coverage
  • How the Affordable Care Act extends coverage for variable hour employees

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