Welcome, Tony Mastin!

Unparalleled. Integrity. Respect. Expertise.

Tony Mastin is best known as the go-to tax policy expert in Oklahoma. What began as a legal internship in the General Counsel’s office grew into a 35-year career of public service at the Oklahoma Tax Commission, rising at the agency to become its legislative liaison since 1996 and executive director since 2007.

From analyzing the revenue impact of legislative initiatives to advising the Tax Commission on establishing tax policies and regulations, he has been widely regarded as the centerpiece of analysis, implementation and understanding tax policy in Oklahoma and beyond.

McAfee & Taft is proud to welcome Tony Mastin to our top-ranked Tax and Family Wealth Group
as an invaluable resource to our clients as the leading expert on state and local taxation (SALT)
as well as the legislative process, the impact of tax policy on businesses and organizations,
and tax incentive programs promoting economic development.

Frank Hill, business transactions and real estate lawyer, and McAfee & Taft shareholder: “We are delighted to have Tony Mastin as a part of our firm. Tony is an extraordinary gentleman, and I emphasize the word gentleman. And Tony is a person who has a wonderful reputation and is very well known in his field. He has worked tirelessly to be an expert in state tax matters and, certainly, some federal tax matters that spill over in that area. And Tony has been very helpful in structuring transactions that are very, very complicated in his role as administrator of the tax commission, kind of working in tandem on a positive basis with our lawyers trying to structure transactions in a manner that is, that is acceptable to the state.”

Jennifer Callahan, tax, executive compensation and employee benefits lawyer, and member of McAfee & Taft’s Board of Directors: “Tony Mastin has a knowledge base in state and local tax that’s just unparalleled. He also has an understanding of how we get here, you know, how bills work, how legislation is passed, how revenue generation works for the state of Oklahoma. In addition to his experience in the general counsel’s office in tax policy and as director, he also worked extensively with the legislature on understanding the impact of various bills and what that would do from a revenue perspective and what it would do, quite frankly, for Oklahoma’s competitive position with respect to businesses. He’s just, he’s extremely knowledgeable also at the national level with respect to streamline sales tax. And now, with the Wayfair decision, you know, state and local tax is becoming national, and, because of his experience, he brings that piece to the table which has been, which is something that was very important to us when we talked to him about the potential of coming over here.”

Tony Mastin: “My vision was, as always, the state wants industries to move in. Nobody wants to move into a state where a tax agency does everything they can to trip ’em up and hit them with tons of penalties and things of that nature. What you want is a client paying taxes going forward forever, not catching them on a mistake they made last year. And so that was always my philosophy in dealing with companies. I’ve worked with a number of lawyers here at McAfee and Taft over the years in their tax group. I have a great respect for how they represent their clients in such a professional manner and also, of course, their competency. Working with them for so many years and having a relationship with them, it doesn’t feel like I was going completely off the highway to join the firm. They are very well respected not only here in Oklahoma but nationally, and look forward to working closely with them.”

Frank Hill: “I think he’s been a real important part in our economic development in the state of Oklahoma at the highest level and has helped, whether he will tell you this or not, shaped policy in the state of Oklahoma. And he’s a person we could always go talk to and get an honest answer. We’re delighted to have him. He will be very beneficial to our clients, and Tony will be a critical part of our firm.”