At The Podium

What the New FMLA Regs and Future Leave Laws Mean for Employers

HR Hero Advanced Employment Issues Symposium

Big changes have hit FMLA recently, which means bigger compliance headaches for HR. Here, you get a summary of the final regulations and learn about other leave laws that could turn your leave of absence policies upside down. You’ll discover:

  • How to interpret the new and previously released changes that apply to military families—including those that pertain to National Guard and reservists
  • What exactly have the new regs changed regarding intermittent leave?
  • What do the new rules say about getting information from health care providers?
  • The new restrictions on your supervisors, which were designed to enhance employee privacy
  • What the new changes mean for your perfect attendance programs
  • The changes to the notice requirements—and why they’re considered good news for employers
  • Recent FMLA cases
  • Other new leave laws in the works, including the Family Leave Insurance Act, the Crime Victims Employment Leave Act and legislation to expand FMLA
  • How the Healthy Families Act could dramatically change your company’s paid sick leave policies
October 29, 2009 - October 30, 2009
Caesars Palace
Las Vegas, Nevada