What you drink at work events may describe your personality

In an article titled “What you drink at work events may describe your personality,” business writer Paula Burkes took a look at a recent survey that showed that 37% of Oklahoma respondents said they strategically think about what they order to drink at networking and other work-related events. The survey went on to explore how people perceive others based on those their selections. For example, domestic beer drinkers are perceived to be more significantly more approachable than those who drink a gin and tonic.

The article went on to interview various business professionals for their tips for a successful networking event, as well as the pros and cons of serving alcohol at such events. McAfee & Taft attorney Michael Joseph was asked to weigh in on the topic of the liability.

“To be on the safe side, employers may want to limit the time during which alcohol is served and offer cab service for guests who need it,” said Joseph.