What’s Inside McAfee & Taft’s Return to Work Package for Employers

There’s so much to consider when returning employees back to the workplace, especially if you are a multi-state employer or your organization includes multiple facilities, multiple shifts, remote worksites, or is accessible to the public.

To assist employers in navigating both their obligations and options for maintaining a safe workplace, McAfee & Taft has prepared an affordable COVID-19 Return to Work package that includes template policies, procedures and forms, as well as a checklist of issues and best practices that employers need to consider when developing their return to work plans. And, as always, McAfee & Taft employment attorneys are available to assist employers in customizing these plans to best fit their needs.

In this video alert, McAfee & Taft labor and employment lawyers Natalie Ramsey, Kristin Simpsen and Kirk Turner take a closer look at what the Return to Work package includes and why it’s important for employers to carefully consider what’s best for their workplace and their workforce in safely reopening and returning employees to work.

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