Women's Initiative

As part of our continuing commitment to diversity, McAfee & Taft has established a Women’s Initiative Committee to focus on women’s professional development issues. The Committee aims to encourage and support our female attorneys’ leadership within the firm, and to foster and support the active involvement of women in the community and the legal arena.

The Women’s Initiative Committee directs its resources to charitable and civic causes and fosters the civic involvement and career development of our women attorneys. The Committee hosts clients at various events and has developed and deployed a successful series of roundtable talks at all three state law schools, bringing together women from the judiciary, private practice and industry to offer advice to the next generation of women lawyers. New initiatives include connecting women attorneys with governmental, civic and non-profit service opportunities, and fostering relationships with minority and women-owned businesses.

The Committee holds meetings to emphasize mentoring, recruiting, marketing, and business development efforts leveraging the strength of our female attorneys. The meetings are open to all attorneys.

McAfee & Taft Snapshots: Maria Gonzalez

Commemorating International Day of Women Judges

Commemorating International Women’s Day

Photo of attendees at McAfee & Taft's Off The Record event in Tulsa

Off The Record 2022 — Tulsa

Photo from Off The Record event in Oklahoma City

Off The Record 2022 — Oklahoma City

Graphic showing photos of Becky Marshall and Connie Gore with Liberty Tower in the background and The Petroleum Club logo

The times, they were a-changin’

Photos of Becky Marshall and Connie Gore

The unintentional trailblazers: McAfee & Taft’s first women lawyers

Photo of Geraldine Hanna in her office

Mrs. Hanna: Bookkeeper, mentor, house mother, friend

Image of Betty Northcutt from video interview

Betty Northcutt, CPA: From ‘McAfee’ to ‘McAfee & Taft’

Off The Record Tulsa — Fall 2021

Off The Record Tulsa — Fall 2021

Welcome, Kate Dodoo

Welcome, Kate Dodoo!

Thank you, Susan Shields

Thank You, Susan!