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Workplace Investigations: HR’s Role in Resolving Crises Safely and Effectively

20th Annual Advanced Employment Issues Symposium
Charles S. Plumb
Charles S. Plumb

Employee complaints run the gamut from annoying conduct to more serious allegations of theft, harassment, discrimination and intimidation. When an employee voices concern about conduct, an employment practice, or a policy, employers need to be equipped to address it and remedy it. A workplace investigation requires a solid game plan for tackling what are often highly sensitive, even legally protected activities.

Speaking at the 20th Annual Advanced Employment Issues Symposium’s pre-conference workshop in Las Vegas, McAfee & Taft labor and employment attorney Charlie Plumb provides intensive training on workplace investigation best practices—from the complaint intake to documenting the investigation’s findings and devising a plan of action.  Topics include:

  • Effective questioning and summarization techniques
  • How to diffuse employees’ fears of retaliation
  • How to assess likely legal issues that surround an internal complaint
  • Documentation you’ll need to move your investigation forward
  • Action planning from initial complaint through final report
  • How to decide who to interview
  • Proven techniques for uncovering facts behind an allegation
  • Key elements that should be included in your post-investigation report
  • Best practices for communicating your findings to relevant parties, including the complainant

Presented by BLR – Business and Legal Resources, the Advanced Employment Issues Symposium is a national conference that brings in prestigious employment law attorneys who advise on critical legal compliance and also HR professionals discussing strategy essentials, including compensation and benefits.

November 4, 2015
Las Vegas, Nevada