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Workplace Investigations: Your Action Plan for Probing Complaints, Interviewing Witnesses, Reaching Reasoned Conclusions, and Taking Action

2017 Advanced Employment Issues Symposium Pre-Conference Workshop
Charlie Plumb
Charlie Plumb
Paul Ross
Paul Ross

Whenever a workplace complaint is filed, the employer is required to follow up by conducting a thorough and fair investigation. Properly done, such an investigation demonstrates to the workforce that the employer takes these issues seriously and will take appropriate action, as necessary. A prompt and thorough investigation can also help a company avoid liability for an employee’s wrongdoing and prevent a reoccurrence.

While speaking at the 2017 Advanced Employment Issues Symposium Pre-Conference Workshop, McAfee & Taft employment attorneys Charlie Plumb and Paul Ross discuss the importance of having a complete investigative plan in place before an investigation occurs, walk employers through the multi-step process of conducting a timely and effective investigation, and offer practical advice for avoiding common pitfalls and mistakes.

Topics include:

  • What to consider when selecting an investigator
  • Pre-investigation action steps
  • How to handle requests for “complete confidentiality”
  • How to deal with reluctant interviewees
  • Interviewing tips to help you get to the truth
  • Strategies for resolving those “he said, she said” situations
  • Tips for preparing the investigation report
  • What to do after the investigation is over to minimize your legal risks under federal laws

The Advanced Employment Issues Symposium is America’s leading employment law conference designed to update current HR professionals about emerging state legal and regulatory changes that affect employment law compliance obligations. This three-day conference is held in Las Vegas, Nevada, November 15-17, 2017.

November 15, 2017
Las Vegas, Nevada