Yippee-Ki-Yay, It’s Christmas!

With Christmas just a few days away, we wrap up McAfee & Taft’s 2022 Holiday Memories video series with Jake Crawford’s unbelievable story of a holiday party gone bad. Like really bad. Terrifyingly bad.

“My favorite holiday memory… this is actually years ago when my wife and I, not long after we got married… it’s before I was at McAfee and before we had kids. And it was a rough time because I was working in Dallas, but my wife had to move out to L.A. for her job. So we were living apart.

“Originally she was going to come down to Texas, spend time with the family. But the last minute she called me and she said, ‘Well, why don’t you just come out to L.A., you know, come out to the coast, we’ll meet some friends, we’ll have a few laughs, and it’ll be a lot of fun.’ And I could go to the Christmas party that her company was holding and meet all of her friends. Not really crazy about flying, but I went ahead and flew out there.

“So I get there, meet all of her friends, which is this big kind of corporate get together. Not really my kind of people. There was this one guy — I think his name was Ellis — was just bragging about whatever deals they had done, just not really something that I’m normally used to.

“Anyway, I went into my wife’s office just to get away from everything, and then suddenly I hear all this commotion outside and I hear a couple of people talking very loudly. And it struck me because they were talking in accents that were vaguely European. It sounded like none of them were really from the same area. The main guy talking was seemed to be half British, half German.

“I noticed that they had guns and basically it became obvious that they were there to rob the place. And so I figured, well, I needed to be able to to do something to help. And so I was able to sneak away where these guys did not see me. And ultimately I was able to contact a police officer…”  [skips ahead in conversation]

“I realized I’ve got to do something to help stop these people. So ultimately, I end up having to take out all of these bad guys on my own…” [skips ahead in conversation]

“I had my feet all cut up everything cut up, but still amazingly able to walk and act as normal as if nothing had happened…”  [skips ahead in conversation]

“At the very end, I had a meet up with Hans who was the leader…”  [skips ahead in conversation]

“Luckily I had some duct tape and I was able to duct tape a weapon to my back. As he was talking to me and bragging about how he was about to kill me and I was ultimately able to take him down…”  [skips ahead in conversation]

“So, that was a really memorable Christmas for me, you know, at least my most memorable one as an adult. Next year, I’ll tell you about one where as a kid, it was really fun because my parents went to Europe but forgot me. So they just left me, you know, alone at the home. But that was my favorite Christmas.”

[Videographer off-camera]
“Wait a second. Isn’t that the theme to Die Hard?”

[Jake Crawford]
“Die Hard was really based on my circumstance. The difference was mine took place in Dallas, and the only other differences, though, was mine — instead of being an office party, it was a party with my wife’s family. And instead of terrorists, it was my wife’s family, which is not much different in that situation. Right?

“So, you know, existentially, it was the exact same situation as John McClane was going through. Mine probably a little bit tougher than that. But other than those little details, it’s the exact same thing that happened to me.”

Yippee-Ki-Yay and Happy Holidays!

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December 22, 2022