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McAfee & Taft provides comprehensive consulting services related to the design, structure, alternative solution, implementation and administration of tax-qualified retirement plans, including pension plans, profit sharing plans, Code Section 401(k) plans, employee stock ownership plans, collectively-bargained pension plans, and church and governmental plans.

Our “clients first” philosophy allows us to provide a unique perspective when consulting and designing qualified employee benefit plans. Our focus is solely on what is best for the client, and our advice and analysis are centered exclusively on this approach.

Over the years, we have differentiated ourselves from others based on our expertise, experience, and extensive client base. Each of these attributes allows us to provide clients with a thorough and complete analysis of their employee benefit matters. Such analysis is also enhanced by our close working relationship with the Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Labor. These relationships allow us to provide unique perspectives on plan design and structure, as well as keeping a close eye on potential new law changes, governmental interpretations, and court rulings. In turn, we are able to be extremely proactive in providing our clients with new innovative ideas and alternative plan designs.

Our comprehensive suite of services also includes providing fiduciary training to retirement plan administrators and managers, investment committees, and other fiduciaries as to their legal obligations and responsibilities under ERISA.

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