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Located just miles from the Federal Aviation Administration Aeronautical Center in Oklahoma City, the law firm of McAfee & Taft has distinguished itself in the field of aviation law as having one of the largest and most experienced FAA aviation groups in the United States.

Recognized as experts in the field, many of the aviation lawyers are featured speakers at regional, national and international aviation conferences on a variety of topics related to aircraft title, finance and regulatory law and related matters, including the Cape Town Convention, the new international treaty that has a significant impact on the perfection and enforcement of rights in aircraft and engines.

McAfee & Taft’s Aviation Group actively represents local, national and international clients – from individuals to leaders in industry – on a wide spectrum of aviation matters, including the documentation of aircraft transactions, aircraft title and registration matters, escrow closings, closing and post-recordation opinions, and aircraft title insurance.

The firm also has significant experience in assisting a wide variety of clients in the fastest growing area of practice in the industry – fractional ownership of aircraft.  McAfee & Taft attorneys are skilled at balancing tax, securities and FAA regulatory considerations in dealing with fractional programs, time-sharing arrangements, joint ownerships, interchange agreements and operational issues as a way to help clients better utilize their aircraft.

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JohnDavid Brown
(405) 270-6028
Joel A. Bulleigh
(405) 552-2248
Brian A. Burget
(405) 552-2205
John R. Chubbuck
Of Counsel
(405) 552-2335
Teena P. Dunn
Of Counsel
(405) 552-2287
Maria E. Gonzalez
(405) 552-2358
Emma L. Land
(405) 270-6083
Scott D. McCreary
Shareholder, Practice Group Leader
(405) 552-2367
Allison C. McGrew
(405) 552-2262
Erin M. Van Laanen
(405) 552-2208


Judy Ames
(405) 552-2329
Zarah Barnes
(405) 228-7629
Janet Bennett
FAA Paralegal
(405) 681-9393
Rhonda Bennett
FAA Paralegal
(405) 684-9442
Ilaria Capasso
(405) 270-6029
Qaitelynn Cummings
(405) 270-6013
Jeri Fatheree
(405) 228-7657
Michelle Gerwitz
(405) 228-7648
Debby Jones
(405) 228-7623
Dianna McCaulla
(405) 552-2319
Monica Minjarez
(405) 228-7662
Linda Steinke
(405) 552-2357
Melissa Trent
(405) 228-7646
Katie Whitaker
(405) 228-7664
Linda M. Wilmeth
(405) 435-8455


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