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McAfee & Taft’s Business Transactions and Finance lawyers provide a full range of transactional and finance-related services. Our lawyers work as a team to provide a comprehensive, full-service approach to meeting our clients’ needs for transactional business representation that has been the hallmark of our practice throughout the firm’s history. From veteran lawyers with decades of nationally recognized experience and expertise to young, energetic and efficient associates, we can tailor the ideal team for transactions of every size and complexity. For more than 60 years, the goal of McAfee & Taft has been to provide outstanding service and value to our business clients.

The firm’s corporate and business lawyers have been perennially top-ranked in Oklahoma by the publishers of the prestigious Chambers USA Guide to America’s Leading Lawyers for Business since its debut edition, and the firm holds the distinction of having the most individual attorneys named to Chambers USA, The Best Lawyers in America, and Oklahoma Super Lawyers/Rising Stars in business law categories.

Since most clients’ business needs are not limited to one or two areas of legal expertise, most of the lawyers in the group are experienced in several other practice areas as well. Links to these specific practice areas are found on the right. Perhaps more importantly, our business lawyers are skilled at collaboration with lawyers in various other practice areas within the firm to meet the diverse requirements of our business clients. We draw heavily on the expertise of McAfee & Taft lawyers who concentrate on such areas as tax planning, real estate, employee benefits, environmental regulation, intellectual property, public and private finance, and bankruptcy and creditors’ rights. As a result, we have the capability to bring together the necessary expertise to satisfy our clients’ needs, and to do so in a cost-efficient manner.

Our clients come from all walks of life and include individuals, public and private corporations of all sizes, limited liability companies, partnerships and other forms of limited liability business organizations, private and public foundations, and other organizations involved in or contemplating any type of business or commercial transaction. We regularly advise clients regarding general contract matters; supply and distribution agreements; real estate acquisition, development, management and finance; investor and investment banking relations; licensing and franchising; deferred compensation and other executive benefit plans; credit facilities and lending transactions; dissolution; and other matters. We also represent lenders and equity investors as they participate in the economic growth of the region by funding the acquisition of business enterprises, construction projects, and all types of related corporate finance activities.

Jeremy M. Black
(405) 552-2289
T. Michael Blake
(405) 552-2317
Rachel Blue
(918) 574-3007
Simon W. Bright
(405) 270-6082
Matthew K. Brown
(405) 552-2304
Vickie J. Buchanan
Shareholder, Industry Group Leader
(405) 552-2331
Steven W. Bugg
Of Counsel
(405) 552-2216
Emily Wilson Bunting
(405) 552-2312
Eleanor C. Burg
(405) 270-6058
Colby J. Byrd
(405) 270-6059
Jennifer H. Callahan
Shareholder, Director, Industry Group Leader
(405) 552-2225
Kaitlyn Schrick Chaney
(405) 552-2337
Steven P. Cole
(405) 552-2230
W. Chris Coleman
Shareholder, Industry Group Leader
(405) 552-2234
Melissa J. Cottle
(405) 552-2364
Richard D. Craig
Shareholder, Practice Group Leader
(405) 552-2349
C. Bruce Crum
(405) 552-2247
Elizabeth L. Dalton
Shareholder, Industry Group Leader
(405) 552-2217
Cheryl Vinall Denney
Shareholder, Practice Group Leader
(405) 552-2295
Wagner R. Dias da Silva
(405) 552-2374
Gregg B. Eichner
(405) 552-2271
J. Barrett Ellis
(405) 552-2326
S. Gregory Frogge
(405) 552-2283
Robert L. Garbrecht
Shareholder, Practice Group Leader
(405) 552-2254
Bonner J. Gonzalez
(405) 552-2347
Danae V. Grace
(405) 270-6017
Charles Greenough
Shareholder, Practice Group Leader, Industry Group Leader
(918) 574-3005
Stephen M. Hetrick
Shareholder, Director
(918) 574-3029
Frank D. Hill
(405) 552-2259
Alan G. Holloway
(405) 552-2344
Matthew J. Holman
(918) 574-3050
Laurence M. Huffman
Of Counsel
(405) 552-2210
Sean S. Hunt
(405) 552-2345
Justin Jackson
(405) 552-2240
Richard D. Johnson
(405) 552-2204
Michael E. Joseph
Shareholder, Practice Group Leader
(405) 235-9621
Andrew M. King
(918) 574-3081
Barbara Klepper
(405) 552-2249
Myrna Schack Latham
(405) 552-2278
Joe C. Lewallen, Jr.
Shareholder, Director
(405) 552-2370
Russell C. Lissuzzo III
(405) 270-6084
Laura J. Long
(405) 552-2372
Robert T. Luttrell, III
Of Counsel, Practice Group Leader
(405) 552-2291
Mark W. Malone
(405) 552-2274
H. Cole Marshall
(405) 552-2379
Samanthia Sierakowski Marshall
Of Counsel
(918) 574-3009
Scott D. McCreary
(405) 552-2367
Allison C. McGrew
(405) 552-2262
Samuel J. Merchant
(405) 270-6027
Brett P. Merritt
(405) 552-2384
Isai Molina
(405) 552-2290
T. Lake Moore V
(405) 270-6068
Terra Lord Parten
(405) 552-2324
Ross Plourde
(405) 552-2277
Tracy A. Poole
Of Counsel, Industry Group Leader
(918) 574-3026
Louis J. Price
Of Counsel
(405) 552-2253
James C. Prince
Of Counsel
(405) 552-2309
Dee A. Replogle, Jr.
(405) 552-2261
Richard A. Riggs
Of Counsel
(405) 552-2265
John N. Schaefer
Of Counsel
(405) 235-9621
Philip B. Sears
Of Counsel
(405) 552-2288
Susan B. Shields
(405) 552-2311
Hannah Cline Shoss
(405) 270-6086
William T. Silvia
(918) 574-3043
Joshua D. Smith
Shareholder, Practice Group Leader, Industry Group Leader
(405) 552-2301
N. Martin Stringer
Of Counsel
(405) 552-2284
Jeff L. Todd
Shareholder, Industry Group Leader
(405) 552-2269
Jeffrey L. Vogt
(405) 552-2214


Beth Garner
(405) 228-7673
Renee' Manning
(405) 552-2392
Bebe Thompson
(405) 228-7678


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